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Our mission is to help your family get natural, restful sleep. Some children have unique sensitivities to texture or taste. To help every child get the sleep they need, we created Tired Teddies InvisiMix. Studies show that a child should naturally produce 0.3 mg of melatonin each night, but kids with special needs often don’t. By giving their body only what it needs in a fuss-free form factor, InvisiMix will finally put an end to the bedtime battles and restore peace to your home.


  1. Pediatrician recommended, natural sleep aid with 0.3 mg melatonin and gentle blend of herbs
  2. 0.3 mg melatonin is what a child’s body naturally produces to go to sleep. Studies show this to be the safest and most effective dosage for children.
  3. Non habit-forming. Works great for all kids ages 1+. Parents of kids with ADD, ADHD, or Autism consistently report dramatic improvement in their children’s sleep.
  4. Invisible Flavor that mixes in with any food or drink, making it undetectable for ninja stealth.
  5. Made in the USA in a GMP, NSF certified facility. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.


Tired Teddies InvisiMix is perfect for children that have sensitivities to flavors or textures. The dissolvable powder has an invisible flavor making it nearly effortless to mix into any food or drink (even water). Each capsule has the perfect amount of InvisiMix for your child so you only have to use one capsule per night. Just twist open the capsule, pour contents into your child’s favorite food or drink, mix it up, and drink or eat like normal.

Each capsule contains our proprietary blend of melatonin, organic chamomile, organic lemon balm, organic lettuce, and allulose from figs, raisins, and kiwi. No artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, or flavors. Free from gluten, dairy, sugar, nuts, and GMO’s.

This product is intended as a dietary supplement. Giving more than the recommended dosage could cause unwanted side effects and may actually negate its effectiveness. Do not combine with sleeping pills of any kind.