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  1. Pediatrician recommended, natural sleep aid with 0.3 mg melatonin and gentle blend of herbs
  2. 0.3 mg melatonin is what a child’s body naturally produces to go to sleep. Studies show this to be the safest and most effective dosage for children.
  3. Non habit-forming. Works great for all kids ages 2+. Parents of kids with ADD, ADHD, or Autism consistently report dramatic improvement in their children’s sleep.
  4. Yummy, bubblegum flavored bear tablets dissolve in mouth or can be chewed. No added colors, no sugar, and gluten-free.
  5. Made in the USA in a GMP, NSF certified facility. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.

Kid tested, Doctor recommended, Mom approved!


Each tablet contains our proprietary blend of melatonin, chamomile, lemon balm extract, california poppy seed, wild lettuce, and ecchinacea. No added colors, no sugar, and gluten-free.

This product is intended as a dietary supplement. Giving more than the recommended dosage could cause unwanted side effects and may actually negate its effectiveness. Do not combine with sleeping pills of any kind.


  1. Kristin H.

    This product is amazing. I was hesitant when I first heard about them, but when I had to make an emergency trip for a funeral I gave them a shot. I was desperate, I was travelling with 3 sick kids and no husband. My kids are a handful during trips when they feel good, but I was terrified to do it with them sick. It was the easiest trip I had ever taken. The tired teddies calmed and relaxed them through the trip and bedtime was a breeze. Since the trip, I’m a consistent customer and always have them for trips and when they are sick so they can rest a little easier.

  2. TinaK

    I purchased tired teddies for my two girls. My three year old especially is very active. Bedtime was taking at least a few hours for her to finally get so tired she would go to sleep. It was a constant battle of getting up at least 20 times. After trying this AMAZING product I can finally say…..bedtime has never been easier. She will actually lay in bed and relax to be able to fall asleep within 30 to 45 minutes now. I would recommend these to anyone that has a child with sleep problems!!

  3. Sasha & Tony

    My 5 1/2 year old son is ADHD and has a medical diagnosis of Autism (PDD-NOS). He only takes 1 teddy and is out in 20 minutes. I was really scared about spending the amount of money for this product, but it works very well for us. Our son literately asks for his sleepy med because he has noticed a difference. He only gets this product on school nights or the night of something big going on the next day. He wakes up happy and ready for school. This has been a life saver for our family.

  4. Meri A. Harrison

    Tried it and had the best sleep in 20 years. It works well for adults as well as children and there are no unpleasant side effects like I had with prescription sleep aids.

  5. Courtney

    I have two toddlers who were terrible sleepers, which means I got very little sleep. The days weren’t any easier because our entire household was irritable from lack of sleep. A friend suggested we try Tired Teddies and after checking out the website, I decided to order some. The first night I didn’t notice a big change, but after giving my boys one at bed-time for a few nights I have noticed a HUGE difference. My boys actually have a normal sleep schedule now and anyone who struggles with kids who aren’t great sleepers, will understand how exciting this is! Tired Teddies are now going to be a staple in our medicine cabinet. I also like that it doesn’t make my boys groggy or lethargic, which I have heard other childrens sleep aids can do. We love the cute teddy bear shape and have not had any problems with the taste.

  6. Jillian Zechner (NORTH BILLERICA, MA, US)

    Absoultely life changing. Our almost 3 year old would have no problem going to sleep at night but would wake up constantly throughout the night. He started waking our new born we knew we needed to do something. After a consolation with the pediatrician (and some online research) I decieded to order these “tired teddies”. That night we noticed an improvement! Maybe woke up once! My son takes between 2-3 “teddy bears” they taste like bubble gum (I tried them before I gave them to him for saftey reasons.) I would recommend this product to anyone with a child that has sleep problems. It’s made our life’s much more rested! Thank you tied teddies!

  7. EStylie

    We used this for a short period of time while my daughter was experiencing anxiety due to some medical discussions at school. Her pediatrician recommended it to help her get back on a good sleep cycle so her overtiredness wouldn’t contribute to her anxiety. We only used it for about a month and after much needed sleep and some heart to heart talks we are back to not needing any help. It wasnt habit forming and the main ingredient is melatonin a natural sleep aid.

  8. J. Winner

    My little guy is on medication for his ADHD. He has always had sleeping issues. Our child psychologist recommended melatonin so we thought we’d give these a try.

    Even though he is hyperactive during the evening hours when his ADHD medication wears off, by the time we give him a Tired Teddy at 7:00 pm, by 8 he’s ready to sleep. He practically asks to go to bed now.

    Overall, he goes to bed much better and stays asleep all night. He never wakes up groggy or overly tired. I highly recommend these for any child that has sleeping issues due to ADD or ADHD. Tired Teddies are the best thing that has happened for us during the bedtime routine!

  9. Steph

    These really help my 2 1/2 year old fall asleep. They worked at first for my 5 year old but she seems to only get crabby now when she takes them. I have two kids who stay up very late hours and anything helps. I just like that these are safe for them to take.

  10. Jackie Rasnic

    This product truly made bedtime better at our house. Our 4 yr old daughter does not like to sleep. She has never been a big sleeper. My husband and I would take turns trying to calm her down and get her to sleep. This would usually take about 2 hours. And by the end of the 2 hours, I would often be on the verge of a nervous breakdown because I was exhausted and still needed to get ready for bed. After reading as many articles as I could find about the long term health effects of melatonin use in children, I broke down and ordered Tired Teddies. TT has completely changed bedtime at our house. My daughter just gets tired and falls asleep. No more hours of soothing her to go to sleep. And she is also doing better at daycare. No more meltdowns. She wakes up happy and alert and ready to take on the day. I don’t know why I waited so long to order TT!!


    This will be the first time I am writing a review about the product that actually works for my keikis. Tired Teddies has actually changed my keikis sleeping habit. I have an autistic child that does not want to sleep through the night and always wanted to stay late watching T.V. Then I came across this product from Amazon after reviewing and hesitating whether to buy it or not. Let me tell you when Tired Teddies finally arrived at our front door I was reading the date of the bottle because it did not sound right for a product to have an expire tablet for kids to take. So I called the company immediately in Utah by leaving them a message and someone responded me back quickly about the date confirming to MFG. Therefore, if you order this product thinking that the item has an expired date does not mean is not good to use it. It means the product was manufacture from the company on that date. The company also confirmed to me that they put a white sticker on the bottom of the bottle to indicate the expiration date. I just want to clarify the date situation to let you guys know about the MFG before ordering. The first time I give it to my kekis (kids) they went to sleep as soon as possible with no problem. My son love it so much that he always hug his teddy bear and ask for his Tired Teddy or he refer to as nite nite teddy before heading to bed.I mean both of my boys were knock out like 30 mins. My house has never been so quiet for the past few years. I will also say it takes couple days for a child to get use to their normal sleep schedule, so be patient the time will come. Overall, it works like a charm I will recommend Tired Teddies to anyone that has a child that does not want to sleep at night. It will help them sleep well through the rest of the night feeling fresh and rejuvenate in the morning. It really works! I already place my second order with this company. And the company have really nice customer service to talk to especially at the very last minute about the product. Thanks Tired Teddies you guys are awesome!

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